Fifa 18 the game To look into with the Best and Classic Ronaldo

With the double Liga and Champions League, Real Madrid should naturally be the best team of FIFA 18 , testify the notes of the players.


Star of FIFA 18 , Cristiano Ronaldo will naturally be the best player of the game. And yes, even before Lionel Messi. However, the Icons will have a superior general in the Ultimate Team mode. But that Ronaldo is the best player of the game is not surprising in reality with the Fifa 18 coin generator ps3. With the double Liga and Champions League, it is even his team that will be the best of the game. Watch out for Season mode, BBC fans should be there.


First of all, there's no need to go back to Cristiano Ronaldo's general, which comes to 94 with the FIFA 18 Coin generator. With his madness season, the Portuguese striker proves once again that he is not ready to truss Ballon d'Or. On the other hand, no changes to be noted for Karim Benzema, while a drop would not have been unwelcome given its fair season. Finally, Gareth Bale increases from 90 to 89, but a greater drop would have been understandable since he spent the season in the infirmary.


On the other hand, on the side of the substitutes, it is not immediately the same caliber. If Isco has a pretty 86, his favorite position remains MC, while he played a good part of the season in attack with astuce fifa 18. In addition, Asensio could have a score greater than 83 in the final version of the game.


This is no longer a secret, Kroos and Modric today form one of the best, if not the best, pairs of circles in the world. Indeed, difficult to make more complete than the German and the Croatian. Moreover, the former Bavarian midfielder has finally gone from 88 to 90. No change for former Tottenham, who has unfortunately been injured often this season.

But the real plus is the defensive backing Casemiro behind them, and before the defense. Excellent to the recovery, the pure 6 revolutionized the game of Real Madrid, to the point of benefiting from an 85. But this is obviously not enough for EA Sports, which is just an awesome thing to look upon is super real .


It is to believe that the simple fact of playing Real Madrid raises the general. Raphaël Varane, barred in recent years by Pepe, should finally hold. Finally, provided he improves his physical situation. However, this does not seem to disturb EA which still gives him an 85 in FIFA 18 . Ramos and his 90 are already more comprehensible, despite his defensive deficiencies that he arrives at level.

On the side side, it is simply hallucinating. Besides his 87, Marcelo is the only side of the game to have 4 stars in technical gestures. Complete defensively, indispensable offensively, Carvajal does not see his 84 modified. On the other hand, we would have appreciated a little more recognition for Navas, which has only a simple 85.


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